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    1. Hi fellow underskilled-hacker. Bad luck with the cows and exam. You sound like you’re at about the same sort of stage as me. I need to book my exam in the next month or so due to end or lab time. I bought an extra 2 weeks lab time and got hit with a really bad back problem (almost certainly from weeks of sitting up at night in front of a computer) and only used 3 days of it! They were not willing to refund or give me extra time and I can’t keep ploughing cash into it.

      I do not believe I’d pass right now. So I’m hitting HackTheBox hard now in the hope of getting these skills into my “muscle-memory” so I don’t waste so much time going “hmm…how do I move a file off a Windows PC again?…” or “damnit…I knew I should have spent more time trying to understand basic PHP code”

      So re: webcam – can you use your laptop cam or do you need a separate one?

      If you’re on HTB let me know your handle. I’m NeilSec

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