OSCP Journey Part 5

Day 11
PDF: 80%
Videos: 90%
Boxes: 1

This is kicking my ass. I have poked about the public network and attempted to exploit a few machines managed to get Admin on 1 without Metasploit. I’m trying to say away from this tool as it’s not allowed in the exam. There are quite a few more boxes I have owned using Metasploit but I’m not counting those. It’s getting frustrating as it feels the like the lab is just there for you to learn on your own without any guidance from the PDF and videos. Its seems that most machines I’ve looked at have a type of vulnerability which if it was on HTB or Vulnhub it would be the way to crack that box, but in the labs that route has been patched, either by a software patch or firewall rule and I can’t find any guidance from the PDFs – maybe I’m not seeing it!

I know there are other networks, I just can’t envisage ever getting to them.

Now I’m aware it’s still early days and a lot of people who have gone through this cert have experienced the same things I’m experiencing now – that’s giving me hope.

I’ve found a walk-through of a box on the forums by g0tmi1k which I’ve started reading. He goes through each step and what he was thinking, what information he has got plus his thoughts – as well has hints and tips (coughs). Perhaps after studying this I will approach the lab machines in a better way.



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