OSCP Journey Part 10

Day: -30
PDF: 100
Videos: 100%
Boxes: 9

T minus 30 days and panic mode has set in. The exam is in less than 4 weeks and I’m not ready for it – clearly. I wont pass the exam on this attempt but I’m still going to do it for the XP. 

I’m getting better at finding the vulnerabilities but taking advantage of them is still taking too long. There’s a lot still to learn but can see the progress from when I started.

For those that have experienced the lab i’ll say that BETHANY broke me! I had to step away for about a week as the priv esc on that box was difficult. What added to the difficulty was the tool I was using to echo the powershell script up to the box wasn’t working correctly – and this wasn’t apparent to me. So I was uploading lines with missing characters or spaces in the wrong place. Anyway I managed to upload a file another way and got it working. Also the echo up tool is fixed – phew. www.Pentest.ws – check it out, really useful for payload creation as well. 

Time has been a major factor for me, I’m just not putting in the required time. So make sure you’ve absolutely nothing planned for 3 months when doing this cert. I’ve have had too many things from preventing me to get hours in the lab. Real life gets in the way! Not to worry, these things happen and I’ll just keep doing what I can do. 

P.s. keep working at HTB as I’ve spotted a few machines in the lab that are very similar!



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