OSCP Journey Part 3

Day 5
PDF: 2/3
Videos: 3/4 
Boxes: 0

Just a quick update. I have been having problems with the lab connection. I lost connection for a day and then lost connection to my student control panel. The good news is that Offensive Security have added 2 extra days to my account.

While this was going on I had a crack at a few machines. Unfortunately it seems that  I keep picking notorious ones and as yet have not been able to root any. I know I haven’t completed the exercises or the PDF but I have been skimming the sections needed for a machine I’m attempting. It appears that the PDF is not a bible but more of an introduction into an exploit area. I find myself still relying on blog/forum posts on the internet. I’ve had to look into chaining exploits together to get some sort of foothold in a machine. I have been using this to scan the network its seems it was developed for the OSCP lab by a past student. https://github.com/codingo/Reconnoitre.

I watched the last section of the videos and was blown away by it. I’ll not give any details about it other than I’m so far off that skill it’s laughable – the maniacal type of laughter.

The weekend is coming up and I’ve plans so I don’t think I’ll get much progress but here’s hoping.



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