Hey guys haven’t done much lately due to life…or rather the new life that has appeared. I’m taking the paternity leave as my work gives me 6 months full pay – so financially it makes sense me taking the time off work.

Now I know what you’re thinking that I’ll be able to be home and hack. Yes, I’m home but unfortunately, I haven’t had much of a chance. The wee guy only sleeps for about 20-30 mins at a time during the day so its hard to stop and start things.

In those short times I have been playing about with learning Python and I found https://www.practicepython.org/exercise/2014/01/29/01-character-input.html which I’m working my way through. I have to say that having no programming experience and looking though python exploits was gobbledegook. Now that I have a very small level of python knowledge the exploits are not as confusing.

I have received a lot of complements about my pentest notes http://guide.offsecnewbie.com. So I’m really glad they have helped people. Feel free to drop me a message if you spot mistakes or have some useful hacking tips, so I can add them to the notes.

Anyway I’m about on common discord channels, feel free to message me about any issues you’re having with a box as it can be good to talk through a problem with someone to help you get to the answer.



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  1. Hello Rowbot,
    It was a evening like many others my little son is finally in bed and
    now for the next 3 hours it is my time it is InfoSec time.

    Or maybe I stay on the sofa …

    Good Choice! Because I found your website . I read everything from the begging to the end and for me it was as I reading my own story my own notes my own progress. A bit like a mirror and in the end a new motivation that how I prepare, how my journey is and also my struggle it is like the path form others.
    From Time to time it needs such moments to see that i am still on the right track.

    Thank you for this great site!

    ps. it is more a private feedback as a comment 😉

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