OSCP Journey Part 13

Day: 10
PDF: 50%
Videos: 50%
Boxes: ALICE

We’ll I’m back in the labs after a few months off. I took a good 2 months off hacking and the last month I subscribed to virtualhackinglabs.com for one month. Their PDF is very good.

In my time off I have been improving my notes guide.offsecnewbie.com. I did a few hackthebox machines and worked on customising my terminal to make some things easier.

In my previous attempt I skimmed over the exercises. This time I’m ensuring I do them all and understand them – as best I can.

I put off the Buffer Overflow exercises last time as I couldn’t get my head around it. This time – as of last night I completed the SLmail and the VulnServer exercises! Very chuffed with myself! I took a day off work and put in about 12 hours to make notes on it and complete the exercises.

Reading over the notes I had taken for the boxes that I had rooted has revealed that my notes are terrible! If I was to submit a lab report or exam report the way I had taken notes I would have not have passed! An important lesson learned there.

I’m on the OSCP and VHL discord groups so feel free to drop me a message if you want to bounce some ideas off of me. Be aware that my time zone is UK so I’d appreciate no messages at 3am



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