OSCP Journey Part 2

Day 3
PDF: 2/3
Videos: 2/3
Boxes: 0

I feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information I have to learn, the number of machines that there are on the lab network, the number of open ports on a lot of the machines, the length of time it takes to run nmap scans. I finished the buffer overflow videos and my brain started to melt. I haven’t started the buffer overflow exercises yet.

I have to say I am used to tackling 1 box at a time with HacktheBox. I’m a bit like a rabbit caught in the headlights. There are so many avenues to go down, I think it’s just a case of me picking one and going down it. I’m spending a lot of time customizing my scans and using different tools to see what I can find out – essentially trying to build a solid process.

Some of the exercises are difficult and some to my annoyance don’t work very well using the VM they gave you. There are workarounds provided if you dig them out in the forum but it’s just a pain.

I think I’m just tired as I’ve already put in a lot of hours – going to bed between 1.30am and 2.30am each night, up early in the morning for work + up sometimes a few times during the night feeding my 5 month old kid.

I think I need to root a box to get me feeling better about things.



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  1. My bud, You have saved me, I was a network engineer at a financial institution in South-Africa and have been given an opportunity to do my OSCP and move to the Penetration team in my company (for which I am so grateful for) but the amount of work is really overwhelming! I struggle with it on a daily basis (especially websites), BUT your site https://guide.offsecnewbie.com/ as this site has helped me so much I can’t explain at this point at this stage I trust your guide more than my own notes (which I have rewritten 3 times ;)) Thanks a lot!

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