OSCP Journey Part 1

Day 2 
PDF: 1/3
Videos: 1/3
Boxes: 0
Lab Network

I received the material yesterday and spent about 10 hours reading the PDF, watching the videos as well as doing some of the exercises. There isn’t 10 hours from what I can tell of videos I was rewatching certain ones. I’m about a third of the way through the materials but I know I will have to go back over what I’ve covered in order to cement my knowledge. I have to say I was excited to finally start this course and delve into the labs. I was expecting the videos and materials to cover a bit more, for example explain why they are using certain flags: nmap -sC -sV (why those, what do they mean?) <— that’s just an example to help articulate my point.

Despite my best efforts to fully read the materials before jumping into the labs I made the jump and began attacking a machine. I wanted to see how my current skill set faired. I did a network scan and picked a random one to go up against.

I’m not going to give away any details about the machine other than the machine name – In fact I won’t share that in case I accidently give anything away.

I quickly found multiple ways to get a reverse shell on to it. At one stage I was giggling to myself thinking that was easy! So the first 30 mins of attacking that box was fun. The other 6 hours and counting have not been! Who am I kidding I’m enjoying the challenge.


I just got low priv shell through a method I was sure I already checked…clearly not thoroughly enough. It turns out there’s a difference between windows/reverse_tcp and windows/shell/reverse_tcp.





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