OSCP Journey Part 12

Day: +1
PDF: 100
Videos: 100%
Boxes: 14

Well I’ve just finished the exam and unsurprisingly I’ve failed. I didn’t exploit a single box. 

Now for the excuses:

The main one is my lack of knowledge – simply down to the fact that I needed to put in more time that I could. Now no doubt some people would be able to pass with the time I put in but not me – thus the title of this site, I’m very much a newb. 

I was working late on the labs two nights before the exam, the night before I got to bed at a reasonable time but got essentially no sleep. A random event occured, cows from two fields across broke into my garden and wrecked the place! I tried to chase them but they were having none of it. I was equiped to deal with dirty cow exploits but not real cows! Then during my exam I had to find out who owned them and then had the farmers coming round and trying not to accept blame and not wanting to pay for damages. I now have a “garden” full of crap and piss! Looks like the BBQ this weekend is cancelled.

Dirty COW exploiting me

With all that going on perhaps my mind wasn’t in the right place. Saying that I have to be realistic – I would not have passed anyway, but I’d like to think I would have got into a box or two.

This attempt allowed me to get experience of the exam so when I’m in a position to pass (knowledge wise) I will know what to expect. 

I had made a plan which I stuck to and it made me feel as if I had quite a lot of time and good amount of breaks. OSCP exam plan. Let me know if you use it any find it useful.

So my exam was a proctored exam and I found it fine on average, about 15 minutes before your starting time you connect to:
to share your screen
to view you and do a room scan
You also have to show your ID and compare that to your face.

The only issue I had was I bought a webcam from Amazon Logitech C270 HD Webcam and it was terrible at viewing text – I spent about 30 minutes trying to get it to focus on my ID. In the end I had to get my laptop and use its webcam to focus on it. Make sure you test this before your exam.

What’s next?
When I first purchased lab access I paid for two 3 month access. So before I start my second stint in the labs I’m gonna take a break for a month maybe two. In slow time I’m going to go through and spruce up my exercises report format. 

I’ll tackle a couple of hack the box machines and maybe a vulnhub machine.

If you have passed let me know your secret.

I will achieve this certification I don’t care how many resits it takes.